Sunday, June 22, 2008

Follow the crossing on line

We will have plenty of safety equipment on this voyage, but no internet. We will be checking in to a land base by Satellite phone daily. And we will be checking in on the ham radio net. The Pacific Seafarers net will post our position on their website. So if you want to follow the voyage you can go to then click on current roll call

we will be listed as
KA7IMO/She’s Yar/Ann/4POB/ Honolulu – San Diego

This will only give you our position and weather. You will know that if we checked in we are OK. If we don’t check in don’t panic, just pray harder. It could be any number of things that keep us from the radio schedule that are not emergencies.

Meet the Crew

Ann Ford- Captain

Terri- owner and engineer -
Terri knows the boats systems well

Aliah Irvine - 21 year old surfer and nursing student from

Val Cook - Val is coming all the way from New York on the recommendation of a mutual friend, Nancy Erley. Val is the president of the National Women's Sailing Association. Their website is

Departure date set for June 28

The delivery of the Hylas 42 to San Diego is coming together.

The rigging arrived and has been installed.

Lists are getting checked off. Pushing our departure date back 5 days has given us all time to prepare for the voyage

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I am preparing to deliver a Hylas 42 from Honolulu to San Diego.