Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sending the team to shore at Lib Island

Thanks to James Fazio for these photographs.
Dr. Sneeha holding a Clinic on Lib.

More Pictures from last outreach to Lib

These photographs were taken by James Fazio.
Prayer before departing Ebeye.

Teaching the local crew how to steer when there is no land in sight.
Outreach team building a fence to protect the Satellite dish so the Lib Islanders can play baseball.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Tina works for NTA on Lae. She got me hooked up with email and she was my personal "Marshallese Electric Fan."

Meeting Medical needs

We transported Johnson to the hospital in Ebeye. He is diabetic and needed to have is toe amputated. He also ran out of insulin. God's timing is perfect.

The Langbata boys from Lae

We took these 4 cousins back to Lae from the High School in Ebeye. They were great crew. Dockson is ready to sign up for DTS and SONS when he graduates from High School. His mother said, "take him, teach him!"

Second Outreach on Lae

We were welcomed back and really felt like part of the community on this second outreach to Lae. The medical team saw over 50 patients in three days.

Circumnavigating Lib Island

We went around the island while the team was on shore. The pictures are from different corners. We were fishing but not catching.

Sunset sailing from Lib to Lae