Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Belonging to the Ships Family

I fly to Majuro to rejoin the crew in the Marshall Islands on April
2.  The past six weeks in the United States have been just what I
needed to be prepared to return to the Hawaii Aloha. I had good visits
with my family.  This last week I attended the YWAM Ship equipped
Ministry conference. My faith was strengthened as I heard from the
amazing yet humble leaders. Lauren and Darlene Cunningham hosted a welcoming dinner at their home, then the spent 2 days sharing their heart for leadership to reach the alls and the everys.

Check the website to see the current itinerary:  www.ywamships.net

I often tell the story of my great great great grandmother who was the
wife of a sea captain, and five of her seven children were born at sea
under sail. I will be continuing that Heritage, with Spiritual
Children, as a leader in the School of Navigation and Seamanship
(SONS) starting 9/25/14 in Kona.

I truly appreciate your prayers and support. Please continue to pray
for safe passages and successful outreaches. More information on how
to support me financially can be found on  the how to give page of this blog.

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Warmest Aloha,
Captain Ann

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