Saturday, October 1, 2016

Captain Ann Featured on YWAM Ships Kona Facebook Page

"I'm a Newbie. A youth in YWAM.”
Captain Ann Ford has been with YWAM since completing her DTS in 2014. She’ll be leading the School of Navigation and Seamanship (SONS) starting at the end of this week.
SONS teaches seamanship skills though sailing, navigation and how to be a watchstander. Students will learn everything they need to know to get their captain's license and they’ll get some sea time as well.
This will be Ann’s 3rd time leading this school.
At a young age, Ann was sailing by herself. She would, eventually, serve on the Coast Guard and spend a year sailing around the tropics. She has a 100 ton motor captain’s license.
Even though she can captain a motorized vessel, she prefers a sailing ship. “I love the freedom to move on the water with just the wind.”
Besides leading SONS, Ann switches between being on a ship and fleet support. Fleet support takes care of the needs of our 3 ships. They send crews, coordinate outreach teams and get them parts/supplies.
When asked if she could be doing anything she wanted, she replied: “I’m living it right now. Being able to sail and serve God at the same time.”

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